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The Committee


The Reverend
Lionel Fanthorpe
Steve Harris MBE
TV's Biker Paramedic


Vice President
Mick Priestley
Chair Person
Jackie Fenton
Children's Organiser
Dawn Downton



Jonathan Battye


Guy Barrett


Sidecar Organiser/ Webmaster
Adam Fenton

Public Relations Officer/Events

Alistair Cobb

The Van Man

Simon Downton


Chief Marshall

To be confirmed...



Vice President
Bob Hallgarth

Passed away this year. Bob has been been with Jumbo for many years and will be missed by the committee and others that are involved with Jumbo.

Dave Tucker

Dave was Jumbo's Treasurer

Sadly also passed away. He has been involved in Jumbo for many years. He is sadly missed by the committee and people involved in Jumbo.



Steve Taylor

Steve has been Jumbo's Chairman

for an number of years. Steve has Spent his time on the committee, making sure everyone on the committee are doing their jobs to make sure that the kids get their special day.

For all this Jumbo Thanks you

Dave Stevenson

Dave has been Jumbo's Chief Marshall

for an number of year. Dave has spent his time on the committee organising his marshalls, running the shows, organising brake down veichles and many more behind the scene jobs.

For all this Dave Jumbo Thanks you

Roxanne Taylor

Roxanne has been Jumbo's Secretary

also for a number of years. Roxanne has spent many hours typing up paper work filling in never ending forms and keeping her dad in check!!!